Bottom-up research - Strict basic and qualitative analysis

GSI Asset Management Introduction

Founded in 2016, it manages over $10 billion in assets through its own asset investments, commodity enterprise investments, digital currency investments, health & wellness corporate investments, and capital market investments. The company's future goals: online entertainment, online gaming, auction platform


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Group investment philosophy

1. Bottom-up research - Strict basic and qualitative analysis
2. A concise approach emphasizes a superior business model and quality management team.
3. Close to every investment, just like we are the co-owners of the business.
4. Measure performance over the years, not quarters or months.

Integrated Asset Portfolio

·Multi-investment industry
·Diversification Strategy
·Fixed or long-term asset allocation
·Dynamic management

Why choose us?

Long-term returns and risk management, investment discipline and risk management combined

Equity strategy
Long-term capital appreciation through high-quality growth opportunities
Market leaders often perform well in volatile markets
Fixed income strategy
Generate competitive returns by investing in investment grade securities within a defined risk range


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Financial field

1. Share
2. Equity
3. Insurance
4. Financial management, fixed deposit

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Health field

Committed to innovation and leading Chinese medicine, health services
The scope of investment covers medical care: medicine, hygiene, education, technology, and pension companies provide a variety of health care products and services focused on Chinese medicine medical enterprises.

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Body and mind field

"body, mind, spirit" consultation, education platform, online meditation, shared travel, B&B Inn
Filial piety, genealogy, and a family name platform—O2O, the Yandi clan team pray for blessings online funeral, etiquette, and the underground palace information agency service. online I-Ching national studies, numerology Feng Shui, astrology service, afterlife insurance.

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Knowledge field

Investing in innovative learning models - crowdfunding learning
Online crowdfunding, education platform. Low prices attract users with the same learning needs. The teacher's class time is accurate, and the human and financial resources do not waste the effective interaction with the teacher during the crowdfunding process, so that the course can truly meet the needs of users.

Asset management industry development prospects

The asset management industry is a traditional and innovative industry. In recent years, with the accumulation of national wealth, the development of China's large capital management industry has entered the fast lane. The asset management industry has become an important force affecting the operation of the national economy and financial markets. Suddenly, the spring breeze comes, and thousands of trees bloom. With the registration of the first batch of private fund managers in China, the asset management channels of banks, insurance, securities, trusts, public funds and private equity funds are all in place. Our country has officially entered the era of big asset management.

Industry outlook

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Why are more and more people doing asset management?

Asset management is a necessary means to achieve family stability, wealth appreciation, and asset financing!

1、Psychologically speaking, the anxiety of the whole society spread, the stability of work, the growth of income, the burden of the family, the education of children, etc., urgently need a way to find other means of accumulation of wealth in addition to wages.
2、From the monetary level, currency continually depreciates, prices continue to rise, and property prices are increasingly skyrocketing. Stopping the flow of money means that the accumulated wealth is decreasing!
3、From the point of view of understanding, everyone began to realize the importance of financial management, and believes that professional matters are handed over to professionals. The wide variety and propaganda of financial products have also begun to gain popularity.
4、From the perspective of development trends, major financial institutions have been involved in asset management. Banks' off-balance sheet business is a light asset-oriented transformation because it does not occupy its own assets. The wealth management business has also done a lot of good work, and has long been rigidly paid for ordinary people.
5、At the national level, I also hope that everyone can move the money in their hands, promote economic development, and rationally allocate resources to bring benefits to all parties.

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Industry outlook analysis

The latest research by McKinsey, a consulting firm, is driven by factors such as the rapid development of the Chinese market, the growth of an aging population, and the growing wealth of emerging economies. It is now the fastest-growing asset management industry in the Asia-Pacific region, and its total management revenue is expected to be doubled in the next five years, from $66 billion to $112 billion. McKinsey predicts that China will continue to promote a larger and more rigorous investment market, which is expected to create an investment market of up to $6 trillion, and foreign investors are expected to gain a share in 2022.

The four mainstream business models of the asset management industry are representative:
First, all-round, multi-dimensional, large-scale, investment and service field are more diverse;
Second, professional asset management, focusing on providing asset management services in a specific area;
Third, the individual's asset management type, mainly high-net-worth individual customers, has its advantages in maintaining customer relationships;
Fourth, the institutional asset management type mainly serves other asset management institutions and provides auxiliary services for these institutions.

Reassuring people during turbulence. Stabilizing value during volatility
A pillar of stability in cryptoworld. A guiding light during confusion
A Genesis during uncertainty. A Savior in chaotic era
Role model of the business. Pioneer of the industry