Who Are We

Genesis International Alliance is one of the world’s largest investment companies, incorporated in Seychelles, the group was founded in 2016.
We invest mainly in leading enterprises with mature business models and huge growth potential. With over $10 Billion AUM, we are one of the fastest growing active manager in the world. It has a significant global presence and the scale and expertise to help stakeholders fulfil their dreams and investment goals.
This is made possible through team of experienced asset management veterans to drive business development and revenue growth.

Integrated Asset Portfolio

Diversification - The Key To A Successful Portfolio. To ensure optimal returns for our investors, we seek a balance between investors’ time horizon, comfort level with market fluctuations and liquidity needs. We revisit and rebalance our portfolio every quarter to keep up with the ever changing economy.


  • Crypto Assets

  • Insurance

  • Fintech

  • Online Gaming Entertainment

  • Healthcare Digitization

  • Biotech

  • Online Education

  • Total Wellness

Why Us?

Through an Integrated Multi-Asset and Multi-Sector Approach, we ensure:
Direct targeting of client specific goals
We understand our investors well and we are aligned and strive towards a common goal of maximizing returns and minimizing risk.

Consistency across the economic cycle

With the capability to invest across a broad range of asset classes and countries, we anticipate by being ahead of the trend and keep track of changes in the economic climate, delivering consistent results for our investors.


Our integrated diversified portfolio spread risk to deliver a consistent and predictable outcome, while our forward-looking risk management strategies aim to provide the smoothest ride possible for our investors.


Genesis Stable Coin (GSC) is backed by multi-asset-portfolio including listed shares, stocks of high growth companies and corporate bonds.
Through GSC, investors are able to gain access to attractive investment opportunities by investing in equity-backed tokens or offering investors that have yet to join the new economy are offered a secured and conservative approach to get started, by bringing off-chain capital onto the blockchain in a stable and less volatile manner.

Our Partners

Giant Financial Services

BM Intelligence

CZC Exchange

Yuan Zhong Siu

Master Yuan



Tipping Points


Genesis Trading Fund is a trading team with the focus on systematic and analytical trading using their proprietary trading software Tipping Points.
Genesis Trading Fund is authorized or recognized by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (the “FSA”) for trading funds of accredited investors and investors from the Whale Markets Limited’s PAMM Investment Program.

Our Supporting Platforms

Whale Markets

Charter Prime




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